Each week, we’re thanking some amazing members of our community who help support Long Island’s autism families dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. By raising money, supplying food for group homes, or further supporting NSASA, these COVID-19 Heroes are a bright light in these dark and uncertain times.

Big thanks to Zoë Hutzler of Mantis Marketing, Michael, and Angela Carron of TLM Group, and their group, REWIRED for Autism! This collaboration by real estate, construction, and design professionals just raised $5,000 for our community and has raised nearly $1 Million for NSASA in the past twelve years. Thank you, REWIRED, Michael, Angela, and Zoë!

And a very big thank you to Amy Cusumano, who did a virtual Zumba fundraiser for NSASA, raising $2,300. Amy is a mom to five boys, and her oldest son has Autism. She works full time, and still managed to raise this incredible contribution! This is Zumba number nine! Thank you Amy!

If you’re also interested in making a donation to support the NSASA, contact Suzanne Reek at (516) 404-2306 or SReek@NSASA.org.