Each week, we’re thanking some incredible people in 0ur community who help support Long Island’s autism families dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. By raising money, supplying food for group homes, or further supporting NSASA, these COVID-19 Heroes are a bright light in these dark and uncertain times.

Thank you to the Make Waves Foundation and Kristyn Roth of the Autism Society of America for donating 7,000 masks to our chapter that NSASA distributed to group homes. These masks help contain the spread of the virus in these group homes.

Thank you to Robby Walsh and Benjamin Dalley for donating $1,276 towards COVID-19 projects. Donations like these help us keep as many people and their families as safe as possible during this pandemic.

If you’re also interested in donating to support the NSASA, contact Suzanne Reek at (516) 404-2306 or SReek@NSASA.org.