Each week, we’re thanking some incredible people in 0ur community who help support Long Island’s Autism families dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. This week, we’re thanking one inspirational individual and offering our condolences to a grandfather, a father, and an incredible all-around person who will truly be missed.

Robert Donus, also called “Papou Bob” affectionately by his three grandchildren and others in the Greek Orthodox Community,┬áhas passed away this month. Bob was the grandfather of three boys with Autism, Max, Michael, and Dimitri. He was also a father to Andrew and a father-in-law to Melanie. Bob was a long time supporter of The NSASA, lending his support to our Annual Comedy Event and other fundraisers. The Donus Family asked for donations in his memory to The NSASA. More than 850 dollars raised will be used to provide prepared meals to local group homes. Bob was a wonderful, loving grandfather, and his devotion, understanding, and patience reflect in the many family photos. Bob was devoted to his church and many other charities. We send our condolences to the Donus Family on their loss of a man that will be missed by the Autism Community and hundreds more. It is the honor of The NSASA to be chosen to receive the support of the Donus Family during these challenging times.

If you’re also interested in donating to support The NSASA, contact Suzanne Reek at (516) 404-2306 or SReek@NSASA.org.