Each week, we’re thanking some incredible people in 0ur community who help support Long Island’s Autism families dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. By raising money, supplying food for group homes, or further supporting The Nassau/Suffolk Autism Society of America, these COVID-19 Heroes are a bright light in these dark and uncertain times.

This week, we’re thanking Bethpage Federal Credit Union for donating $4500 to our Sweet Treat Rewards Program. We are sending ice cream trucks to Group Homes. Group Homes for four months were confined to their homes. They couldn’t go out for a simple thing like an ice cream cone. Our friends at Bethpage Federal Credit Union brought the ice cream to them.

If you’re also interested in donating to support The NSASA, contact Suzanne Reek at (516) 404-2306 or SReek@NSASA.org.