nsasa paul ferarra

The Nassau Suffolk Autism Society of America is forever grateful to honor the memory of Sergeant Paul Ferrara, a 911 victim, survivor, and hero. Sergeant Ferrara was one of the many brave individuals who worked at Ground Zero. Sadly, he succumbed to stage 4 lung cancer that he developed from his incredible service.

We want to thank Paul’s wife, Kerrie Ferrara, and son, Paul, for donating $6000 and making this event possible. With their help and funds, we were able to host over 250 members at this incredible 4th Annual Dave and Busters Fundraiser.

Paul Ferrara Jr. pays tribute to his father’s memory by dressing up as his hero; a police officer, just like his father. Paul’s son, who has autism, was proud to sport his father’s uniform, shirt, and hat with a smile.

Several members of the NYPD shaved their heads to show support and raise funds for Sergeant Ferrara in the past, including his supervisor, Lieutenant Patrick Welsh. “It’s all for a great cause,” said Welsh. “I would do anything for Paul.”

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