The Nassau/Suffolk Autism Society of America would like to take this time to thank two very important members of the community for their remarkable actions and generous donations during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you, Danny Fuchs, for showing us that kindness and generosity prevail by donating bagel packages to group homes for disabled children and adults amidst the pandemonium of this pandemic. Group homes are having a difficult time keeping homes sterile and stopping the spread of the virus. Anything and everything helps so thank you, Danny, for giving them a break at breakfast time. You can find Danny Fuchs of Bagel Biz at 443 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, New York 11747, and show your support!

Follow this link to the Bagel Biz website…

“Every year, no matter what’s going on, people that live in this community, people that I’m friends with, you always come through.”

-Vin Causeman

Thank you, Vin Causeman, for raising over $8,000 in donations this year from your Autism Awareness Apparel Sale. In its 10th campaign, the site sold close to 1,000 shirts and raised over $8,000, even during these tough and trying times. In total, Vin has raised over $80,000 in donations to the NSASA over the last 10 years. People like Vin Causeman and so many others are part of the reason that the NSASA can be the pillar of support it is in the local Autism community.

Watch Vin Causeman’s video on Facebook here…